Jan 13 2011

No Highchair Required

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 2:25 am

Having searched through posterous’ archives of uploaded media (as previously mentioned), I have found one photo that didn’t make it to this blog originally. It looks as though it was a pub in Evesham that we all went to after New Year with Dad, to have a meal in (depending on the height of the table and chair, Anna does reasonably well without a highchair sometimes).
Anna discovered the delights of those machines where you put money in and get a small toy in a ball pop out. However she didn’t appreciate that more toys wouldn’t just appear if she put her hand in the delivery tube. After one trapped finger, a lot of rattling (and a minor distraction attempt involving pressing the buttons for Daddy on a fruit machine), she settled down.
It was good seeing Dad again, though obviously sad it was such a short time we were in Britain for. One day when we’re rich, we’ll be able to visit the UK for a couple of months, rather than weeks, and then hopefully be able to see family and friends in a less rushed manner.

Ooops, forgot the picture, sorry, I’ll try that again.

Anna Reaching For Food In Evesham

Anna Reaching For Food In Evesham