Aug 20 2007

News You Want To Read

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 10:40 pm

At least once a day, I check on the news feeds for stories that interest me. One problem with them is that, even with aggregated news in defined topics, the quality does tend to vary somewhat. The problem is that without some sort of ranking mechanism, the dross tends to slip in amongst the good stories very easily. Of course at the opposite end of the scale, you have social bookmarking sites like reddit or stumbleupon. These cater for individual blogs, rather than just the latest wire feed, and do allow for other internet user’s opinions to effect the likelihood if you coming across a story. HOWEVER, site owners (ab)use these systems to drive more traffic to their sites, which ends up with certain blogs and sites often on the front page of the social bookmarking organization, with stories that may well really interest you relegated deep within the system.
BUT, thoof is here to put and end to all your worries with their personalized news system. The system has been setup to ensure a fair chance is given to all stories submitted; so when you see the thoof badge on a post, you know the site owner is not able to fiddle the system to inflate their numbers. If you go and check out thoof’s site, you will see stories that others have found interesting. If you become a member, the system even learns which type of news story or blog posting interests you, and will present those it calculates you are most likely to want to read!