May 14 2007


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Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman

OK this is the last of Gaiman’s novels that I’ve read so far, and after doing a little research prior to writing this review, I discovered that this book was quite unusual in its creation… A animated TV series was written first (by Gaiman and Lenny Henry of all people!), and then this novel was written afterwards. Quite shocking, as I’ve previously found that most books FROM TV series suffer in one way or another.

Anyhow, this story revolves around a lower London, where nothing is as it seems to those that get to glimpse a change from their normal lives above. Richard, the main character decides to help out a bleeding homeless girl on the way home, and from that point on, things get a little twisted. If you don’t enjoy fantasy books, then skip onto something else, but I found myself reading this whenever I had a spare moment, and almost a little saddened when I reached the end.

Might have to check in the shops next time I’m in Britain, see what the animated TV series was like in comparison… Anyone else seen it? 1997 I believe…

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