Sep 07 2008

Nero 6 Lying To You?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:18 pm

If you are like me, you will have found Nero 7 and 8 to be just too bloated. Because of this, I stuck to version six. One problem with this version is that the speed you are actually recording at is not displayed. Although Nero informs you that you are burning a DVD at 16x for example, it will most likely be lower than that at the beginning of the disc. In my case, I have hardware issues with my DVD burner, so discs currently take just under an hour to burn. Without being able to see the true speed the disc is actually being burnt at, it took a while to figure out whether any tweaks I’d been trying were actually working.
If you want Nero to report the ACTUAL speed your disc is being burnt at, download this file, double click, and possibly reboot. Nero should then tell you the truth. The file, when opened, will add a registry setting, so please do not do this unless you are happy fiddling in regedit should something go wrong, and if you are not using Windows XP, you may find this doesn’t work. My thanks to forums for the assistance.

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