Feb 15 2009

MyBlogLog Problems

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 8:33 pm

The MyBlogLog widget (far right column, red background with avatars on it) is currently creating itself a 3rd column in FireFox and a similarly rooted display issue in IE7. Therefore, it will be removed until I get around to finding out what is wrong.
Which reminds, anyone else using the xMark WordPress theme have an issue with static PAGES (not posts) dropping their 2nd column to the footer position?

Just realised that there are two MBL based widgets in use. I’ve removed the one that had registered visitor’s faces, the ‘recommended posts’ widget has no rendering issues, so is remaining.

Nope, the issue is still occurring within the ‘Meta’ widget. Time to try other stuff. Please excuse any temporary graphical glitches in the mean time.

[final edit]
OK, turns out when I last upgraded the DandyID services plugin, an option was either newly created, or mistakenly defaulted to a different setting. Reverted to normal, cleaned up a few other widget based problems, and finally should be back working again.

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