Apr 01 2011

My Tune Has Changed

Category: Kazakh DrivingChrisM @ 4:17 am

Pet peeve for the last fortnight? Pedestrian crossings that aren’t clearly marked. I understand that with all the JCBs clearing the ice and snow away during the winter, that paint on the tarmac will have been scraped off, but compared to driving back home, there aren’t always clear indications that pedestrians are about to walk in front of you. Compared to exit signs for the major roads that link Astana, pedestrian crossings seem to merge into the background. I think part of the reason Ira and I don’t notice them very well is the sign and light “pollution” here in Astana. Because there are so many illuminated objects begging for your attention, zebra crossings on the smaller roads just seem to blend into the background!
Yes, obviously I felt a bit different when I was walking around, and the stupid drivers wouldn’t stop when I was trying to cross the road, but there you go!