Jun 01 2012

Must Maintain Self Control!

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 2:15 pm

Right now, this PC boots up Windows 7 (from the SSD), the old Windows 7 install (not enough time to properly migrate all data and apps yet), Windows Vista, XP and Ubuntu (though it is a cheating install, based on one file acting as a complete partition). I don’t have the time (or often the motivation to be honest) to keep them all updated and stay aware of new developments. So why am I finding my eyes wandering whenever I come across Windows 8?

Windows 8

It isn’t even as though the new interface actually attracts me. I guess it is something new, something a little dangerous (in terms of stability), and something I will need to understand one day in terms of offering technical support. I’ve only got half way through this article, but I am already considering downloading the Release Preview and finding/creating a suitable partition for it. I must however resist the urge to install a 3rd party boot manager again – the last time I tried a couple out, I ended up with a total mess, and a few hours of wondering just how borked my PC had become!