Oct 16 2008

More Shlomo

Category: VideosChrisM @ 11:51 pm

So, it has been a while since I posted the original Shlomo post with videos, and when I looked it up again the other night to play to a friend, I decided to see what else was around.
First off we have one of the latest projects Shlomo has become involved with – The Vocal Orchestra. I think it is primarily meant ot be a trailer for the The Beatbox Choir DVD, but still worth watching IMO.

Here we have DJ Yoda (looks like someone else I need to look up sometime soon 🙂 ) working with Shlomo. I’m particularly interested in the use of live video effects with audio, and hope to see more of this sort of thing from Shlomo in the future.

Here we have a much longer video, worth listening through properly. He is paired up with another guy (who is apparently well known in that circle) and they play off each other well.

You can hear Shlomo and some of the Vocal Orchestra on the Radio 4 program ‘Loose Ends’ on the iPlayer service.

Oh, and finally, Shlomo linked to someone else’s YouTube video, of Bert & Ernie (from Seasame Street), laid over with Ante Up. Made me laugh, anyway 🙂

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