Apr 05 2007

More Politics, Strange Numbers Plus Are You Alive?

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 1:32 am

Today’s first link is from WorldPoliticsWatch.com and is an expansion on the article previously linked to regarding an American senator’s views on Kazakhstan’s bid for leadership to the OSCE. Check out here for more details. They e-mailed me the link, and I’m hoping it will be of interest to some of my readers. If so, you may also find this and this interesting – they are podcasts of an interview with Yerzhan Dosmukhamedov.

Next, as promised, we have weird numbers, self numbers to be specific. The definition of a self number, starts off plainly enough, then quickly drops into lovely(?) equations that bring back painful memories of A-Level Maths – Wiki’s article on self numbers.

Finally, if you’re not certain whether you’re actually alive or not this page should help you. The real aim of this page is to assist with Wikipedia contributors in need to ascertain whether a famous celebrity is truly alive or dead (when they come across possible mischievous edits. So, famous & not sure if you are alive ? Check out here then.

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