May 29 2008

More Illusions

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A few more JPGs and GIFs that caught my attention earlier. (I was actually looking for good photos of the Japanese station master cat when I found these…)
This one has to be my favourite – stare at the black cross in the middle, and you should eventually find that the purple dots appear to vanish, and that the moving dot leaves a green after image. You do need to sit very still for this one – the slightest movement of your eyes seem to cause the illusion to reset in your brain.

Spinning Dot Illusion

To see the rest, click the link below – I’ve had to hide them from the front page, as all the photos were causing very slow loading times on the site.

Here we have a different type of illusion. Check the squares marked A and B…

Two Greys The Same

Both squares are the same colour! I didn’t believe it initially, so used my Colorzilla firefox addon, and both greys are 787878 in Hex. If you don’t believe me, and don’t have the plugin, download the picture, and load it into Photoshop (or even Paint 🙂 ) and then compare the greys. The science behind the illusion is described very well in this PDF.

Last image follows – stare at one particular area and all appears well and stationary. Take in the picture as a whole, and many spirals will start appearing to spin…

Last Illusion

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