Nov 15 2007

More Carry On Luggage?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:55 am

According to a BBC article, it looks possible that more hand luggage will be allowed for airline passengers flying from Britain next January. I don’t know if this will occur before we return to Kazakhstan, but it would be good to not have to try and stuff everything into one bag… it does not matter how much space you allow for last minute purchases, magazines, coats and other items always seem to conspire against me, and I end up stuffing loads into my trouser pockets. This does not tend to lead to the comfiest of dozings during the plane journey.
Also of note within the article is Lord West’s refusal to admit that Gordon Brown persuaded him to change his mind when it came to the possibility of extending the time allowed to detain suspected terrorists without charges. Apparently Lord West is but a simple sailing man, who was not able to put his thoughts into words clearly enough on an early morning Radio 4 program. The British Prime Minister then helpfully had a quick meeting with Lord West, after which Lord West was able to ‘clarify’ his feelings on the matter.

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