Jan 20 2010

Missed The River Dunking!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:23 am

Another year, another opportunity to jump into a frozen river missed! This year I had wanted to not just take a look, but actually strip off in the minus twenty something Celsius temperatures (well down to some shorts at least), and jump into the holes in the ice that are creted in the River Ishim this time of year. I’ll try and find the link later for 2007’s Most Baptised Muslim post I wrote a while back. Why do it? Well I don’t have a migraine (apparently cold water is supposed to constrict blood flow somewhere, and relieve the pain of serious headaches), nor am I suddenly converting to the Russian Orthodox Church (the 19th of January is apparently a celebration connected with baptisms), I just wanted to be able to say, YES, one year I did decide to freeze myself solid 🙂