Mar 25 2010

Midnight Snacks On The Bed

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 7:30 am

The 12th of February saw us start our journey to Britain. We decided to break the journey by staying overnight in Istanbul. Although we didn’t see much of the city, it was good to finally make it out of the airport. Anna behaved incredibly well, considering the flight lengths, her age, and didn’t seem too bothered by staying the night in a hotel. She had a little picnic on our bed before settling down for the night, and continued to surprise us by being a little sweetie on the flight to Heathrow.
Hopefully she will repeat the trick in just over four days, though this time we are flying straight through to Astana, assuming we manage to make the connecting flight in Istanbul. Anyway this is the last photo of Anna before we hit Britain…

Anna In Istanbul

Anna In Istanbul

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