Jan 05 2010

Messy Eating Again

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 7:22 am

I’m sorry if you are bored already of seeing Anna eating food in a messy manner, but to be honest most of these Anna photo and video posts are for friends and family who want to occasionally check in on how she is doing.
If you are looking for posts on other themes, I’d recommend checking out the Topics widget in the 2nd sidebar, and clicking around. Once I’ve caught up to real-time posts of Anna’s exploits, I’ll hopefully be posting more Kazakhstan/Astana and weird news items once again.
Anyway, back to this post… the 29th of November saw Anna once more eating a borsch-like meal with her hands, as being spoon fed is apparently just so passé already!

So Much More Tasty Without Cutlery

So Much More Tasty Without Cutlery

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