Nov 28 2006

Message For Tom, Message For Other Tom And Another Thing

Category: Friends,Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 2:19 am

OK, first for Tom from LifeOf2Me, I keep forgetting to mention THIS link to you when we meet in the real world… Not sure if it will be of any use to you with your work (if/when the school gets closer to actually needing syllabuses/lesson plans etc.), but I thought it might be of interest to you at the very least…

Second, for the ‘other’ Tom (nowt personal, if I’d met you first, ‘our’ Tom would be the ‘other’ ;>), are we still meeting up Tuesday evening? I’m assuming your flight plans haven’t changed. Anyway, we’ll all be out drinking somewhere, hope you are still coming.

Finally, my HHUUGGEE thanks to the creator of the theme I use for this site; for a while I’d wanted to alter the colours used for hyperlinks – whilst the previous grey was definitely in keeping with the black version of Chameleon I’d chosen, a couple of visitors had mentioned that when I post links, it wasn’t very obvious sometimes. I found this to be true when I’d been up all night, and ended up randomly pushing the cursor around until I found what I needed. Anyway, I digress, Ainslie spotted my request 1/2 day after I added it on one of his posts. I then neglected to check back for an answer for a while, and when I discovered his speedy response, I followed up with another query (still a newbie with CSS – I can bodge/cut’n’paste/guess some things, but I wasn’t sure which value to alter for link colours…). Lo and behold, some 39 minutes later, he had the answer.

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