Sep 08 2010

Mad In Argentina

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 8:13 pm

OK, rather than again forgetting to post about a friend’s site until well after it is properly launched, I thought today I would write about a site that exists but doesn’t yet have any content. One to bookmark (or subscribe to) and wait for new posts in the future. The site is called Mad About Wine, and will be run by our good friend Javier. He runs wine tours back in Argentina, and he will hopefully be posting not only contact details (word of mouth from previous visitors seems to have increased demand), but also some pictures and thoughts about the beautiful countryside, successful vineyards and great people to found down there. At some point, the original Argentinian domain name ( ) will also point , but first we need to navigate our way around the government run Argentine domain name admin system. Not easy when… a) I speak no Spanish b) A lot of the menu items are labelled with graphics, not text (difficult to translate) c) The admin system itself is quite counter intuitive at points. If anyone reading this has dealt with their system before, and has 10 or 15 minutes to spare, please do let me know.
At some point, when Javier remembers to pass on the user name and password needed, I’ll be importing all the content from his original Mad About Wine Blogspot site into . The main reason for moving that data is the warning that you get when entering the blogspot version, and also it looks a bit more professional to have your own proper domain name, and you’re not at the mercy of Google’s policies in the future.