Oct 15 2009

Mac Users Beware

Category: Friends,PicturesChrisM @ 3:40 pm

A few weeks ago we visited a friend’s flat for a lovely meal, and a few (?) drinks. Whilst I was hovering in the stairwell having a cigarette, I noticed that the entrance to a different collection of flats had an interesting doorbell fitted. I don’t know whether it is good enough to be published on ThereIFixedIt.com or not, but I definitely think it is worth posting here. Although the screws could have been painted over, the idea of using one of the mouse buttons as a replacement doorbell really struck me. Once more, Irina came to the rescue as after a few vodkas, I completely forgot to use the camera, however she took a few shots for me 🙂

Mouse Doorbell

Mouse Doorbell

It got me thinking that if you had a mouse with extra buttons, you could probably rig up a security system that would only let you in if you pressed the right combination of buttons, and as your fingers would naturally fall on the buttons, and not much effort would be required to press them, you wouldn’t have to worry about people watching you and being able to easily discern the combination. Oh, and why Mac users beware? Because they might get confused which button to press 😉

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