Feb 10 2010

Lowering Standards

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:49 pm

This afternoon I have been resizing videos and ripping audio streams from DVDs for Anna. The Wheels On The Bus DVD is definitely a good distraction to have up our sleeves when Anna gets a little bored, tired or in need of temporary distraction. As we don’t have a portable DVD player (and could do without the extra weight anyway), I decided to put whatever I could on our mobile phones. This way, during the plane journeys, overnight stay at the Istanbul hotel, and car journey into Wales (BIG thanks in advance John!) if Anna simply would be settled by games, toys, books or Mummy and Daddy talking, we’ll have something to try. My main phone has been broken for the last seven or eight months, which is a shame as it has the best speakers and screen. However my backup phone (the C550/HTC Hurricane) had enough space left on its memory card (once I had resized and lowered the bitrate on the videos) to fit on both the video and audio-only version. The C500 (HTC Typhoon) and Sony Ericsson K700 (Irina’s old phone, and my old-old backup phone respectively) didn’t have much storage space available, but after lowering the bitrate on the MP3s, they fitted on perfectly. I’m hoping that by duplicating the content across multiple devices, that we will be able to have at least one device with enough battery power left to both play Anna’s favourite songs, and also make and receive phone calls.

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