Dec 06 2007

Locked Out Of My Blog

Category: Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 12:34 pm

This morning I was attempting to check how the site was doing, when I was presented with the following error

HTTP Error 403
Error 403

We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for (ACTUAL URL REMOVED) on this server.

Your Internet Protocol address is listed on a blacklist of addresses involved in malicious or illegal activity. See the listing below for more details on specific blacklists and removal procedures.

Your technical support key is: 59da-43a1-1366-73cd

You can use this key to fix this problem yourself.

If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact email at and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above.

I was just about ready to read the riot act to Megaline, explaining how they needed to ensure their customers did not partake in activities that would get IP addresses blacklisted, when I thought to Google the error…

It turns out there is a bug with Bad Behavior (one of my anti-spam plugins used on this site), and that this PC’s current IP address is not actually blacklisted (again confirmed after a little more googling).

Anyway, if you have been presented with the same error, head on over to the Bad Behavior update page, download the revised code, upload it to your server, and you should no longer find yourself blocked from your own blog 🙂

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