Feb 03 2010

Lip Sync Doesn’t Matter!

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 6:38 pm

Anna’s favourite thing to watch on telly right now has to be the Wheels On The Bus DVD that Mum bought for her back in Britain. Whether it is the bright colours, dancing adults or simple repetitive songs, I’m not sure, but Anna definitely perks up whenever we stick it on. I’ve already made an ISO of the disc, to take to Britain on a thumb drive (customs can give you hassle for optical media if they notice it), so we can burn a copy of it over there for her. The 14th of January saw her boogying away once more, so we took a photo and videos (see a post or two in advance of this one).

The Wheels On The Bus Make You Dance!

The Wheels On The Bus Make You Dance!

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