Aug 18 2007

Last Ali BaBa Of The Summer?

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We went out for a nice meal this evening. We took a stroll through the park, over the river Ishim, and then through to the area near the main square. Ali BaBa is an out door restaurant, with cover from any rain or wind that is blighting the evening. Tonight’s service was pretty excellent – the waitress was really attentive, to the point of asking if we needed anything when she noticed us looking around the restaurant. Compare this to the attitude you find in some places in Astana, where a snooty waitress will make that she is doing you a favour by wasting any time at your table at all, and you can probably understand why we were impressed. Perhaps the camera caught her attention, and she wanted to leave a good impression?
Anyway, onto the photos…

Irina had Besbarmak (a horse meat and pasta dish)
Besbarmak Ali BaBa Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

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I had the chicken in a cheese and pineapple sauce. The menu didn’t mention the peppers or cauliflower, but as they didn’t over power the other tastes, and were easily avoided, no loss there
Chicken Pineapple Ali BaBa Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

Here we have Irina smiling away. Even tastier than the food 😉
Ira Irina Merriman Ali BaBa Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

I normally manage to avoid photos of me, but Irina insisted. My humble apologies 🙂
Chris Merriman Ali BaBa Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

Finally we have some shots of the restaurant itself, with the bar, looking towards the front, then to the side, where you can see one of the side sections. These have the traditional Kazakh low table, and cushions on the floor, instead of the Western/Russian tables & chairs.
Ali BaBa Bar Astana Kazakhstan August 2007 Ali BaBa Astana Kazakhstan August 2007 Ali BaBa Kazakh Table Astana Kazakhstan August 2007

Apologies for the pictures – I’ve photoshopped them as much as my meagre skills allow, but as I kept the flash off (I didn’t want to disturb the other diners, or scream out I’M FOREIGN any more than I do naturally), the lighting was at a minimum.

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