Apr 11 2007

Kyrgyz Rally Gathers Steam

Category: In The Media,KazakhstanChrisM @ 9:46 pm

The opposition to President Bakiyev is growing more and more vocal it would seem.
He originally came to power after the previous president was effectively thrown out following similar protests a couple of years ago. However, since that time, people have been complaining that little has changed in some important areas of life in Kyrgyzstan. Corruption appears to have continued unabated, and the democratic reforms promised have been slow in coming to fruition, and in some cases even reversed.
Why am I posting this news on a blog nominally about my life in Kazakhstan? Because leaders of the countries in this region have often cited political instability as the reason for the need of a strong pair of hands at the realm.

[edit] Corrected spelling, I originally invented a new President – Nakiyev ;>

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