Aug 14 2007

Kokpar, QI And Apples

Category: In The Media,KazakhstanChrisM @ 7:19 am

Ever on the look out for mentions of all things Kazakh in the popular media, I came across the following episode of QI last week.
For those who have not yet seen this comedy quiz show, the idea is that Stephen Fry, as the quiz master, asks questions, and the panel of comedians/actors/celebrities have to answer questions. Alan Davies is the permanent contestant, who can be relied upon to supply obvious, but in fact wrong, answers. Whenever anyone supplies such an answer, a siren is played, and points are deducted.
In this particular clip of QI taken from series 1, episode 11, we have the two people mentioned above, as well as Bill Bailey (a comic genius), Linda Smith and Richard E. Grant. Click the video below to watch the clip.

So, in case you missed it, apparently apples actually originate from Kazakhstan, and the fine goat-carcass polo game of Kokpar is mentioned. See my previous post (A Day At The Races) for the last mention of this game, when AlexC, myself, Ira and Walton all went to watch it at a local racetrack. Oh, and before any smart alec informs that Almaty is a refernce to the apples, it apparently is NOT!

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