Aug 28 2007

Kittens Progress

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In a couple of days time, our Karra and Muska will be one year old. They already have a younger brother (Tima), who they will probably meet at Christmas time, when Ira and I will be coming back to Britain for a couple of weeks or so. During the last year, Karra has grown from a little bundle of fluff that was naughty but cute, to a large kitten who is… naughty but cute. Our wall paper is testament to the fact that she can not be trained not to do something, and although often mentioned at the beginning, we never had the heart to go and buy a water sprayer to try and dissuade her from such activities. My slippers’ lifespan has also drastically shortened, as both Karra and Muska seem to enjoy ripping the lining out, and in Karras case, wearing them as a sort of balaclava. Although frustrating to see the slippers deteriorate so quickly, seeing my slipper slide about with just two hind legs and a tail hanging out the back is quite funny.
Muska has been a success story on the whole. Originally she was to stay with the in-laws, however as they both work in normal jobs over here, she did not get a lot of human interaction, and so was VERY wary of anyone trying to stroke her, or even be within a metre or so of her. We originally took her to our flat as a sort of training camp, so when she was comfortable with humans, she could go back home, and not hide whenever the in laws had company. I think it took about 18 hours for that plan to go out the window. Although she is still a little more cautious, especially compared to Karra, Muska will now often demand a stroke, and is not afraid of Karra as she was when she first arrived.
Anyway, I’ll stop boring you with details for now, though I should mention I hope to upload our video of the new kitten (Tima) soon; I’ve already transferred it from the camcorder to the PC, but at its’ current full resolution, uncompressed status, 1 minute of DV video requires approximately 200 Mb, so I need to trim out the unnecessary sections and start working on it a little later.

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