Feb 23 2007

Kilowatt PSUs !!!

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 2:50 am

That means, if you were to use the power supply to its maximum output, you’d be using as much electricity as sixteen standard (60w) light bulbs.
Obviously, even with a powerful PC (quad core CPU, quad SLI grafx, fast memory, all OCed, a few hard drives and DVD burners, lights/cathodes and enough fans to keep it all cool) you’ll not actually quite need that much power… yet.
Better to have capacity to spare than to suffer your PC crashing, or in a worst case scenario, have a cheap PSU die and send a nasty spike to kill your m/board…

Anyway, for a proper review of the Tagan 1100 Watt Power Supply, check out here, also includes a little info on the upcoming 2Kw PSUs!

I’ve been updating the pages on all my article sites this evening, so whilst waiting for them to finish uploading, I had some spare time to write these last three posts, in case anyone thinks they are a little off the norm.

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