Apr 30 2007

Kazakhstan Humidity

Category: WeatherChrisM @ 11:32 pm

In the summer, one of the main reasons that temperatures of 40 degrees Centigrade and higher are bearable, compared to occasional low 30s in Britain, is the humidity – in Britain, the amount of water in the air is always higher. This means your body is less able to give off heat, in the form of sweat. If you are in Kazakhstan, as the humidity is lower, when you sweat, the water can evaporate a lot quicker, so you can cool down quicker.

This is great, EXCEPT, the lack of humidity can play havoc with your carefully styled hair (more of a problem for me then my wife LOL) and also with your skin. So whilst in Britain, many people use de-humidifiers in their homes & offices, this country could actually use a bunch of humidifiers. Air conditioning is great in reducing the temperature in a room, but also tends to lead to low humidity.

Some people tend to see a whole house humidifier as the only proper solution, but this does tend to cause issues, such as less control over individual room environments, and also uses more energy; due to the way whole house humidifiers work in conjunction with central heating systems, any room with central heating vents will also be humidified. Not a problem in a small apartment, but in a large house, where a third of the rooms may not be in common usage, you’re still paying the electricity bill to ‘treat them’.

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