Jul 02 2007

Kazakh HIV Case Completed

Category: In The Media,KazakhstanChrisM @ 12:06 am

More positive news to follow, but this recently caught my eye over at the BBC web site.

21 people from Shymkent, involved in the medical profession, have been found guilty of producing an HIV outbreak. This incident has so far been known to take the lives of 10 children, with another 110 infected. The case was that these workers, through negligence, fraud and bad medical practice, needlessly engineered situations where patients received un-necessary treatments. As blood was used in transfusions that had not been properly screened, infected samples were used, and so patients were put in extremely high risks. Just as often, medical apparatus was not properly cleaned between procedures, so infections from previous blood supplies were carried over to the next batch.
Some have commented that is not very surprising that the ex-head of the regional health department and her deputies only received suspended sentences.

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