Jul 25 2007

Kazakh Cyclist Shames Astana Tour de France Team Out Of Competition

Category: In The Media,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 12:05 am

Kazakh cyclist Alexandre Vinokourov has tested positive for blood doping (the transfusion of another person’s oxygen carrying red blood cells) in the Tour de France. The entire Astana team has now withdrawn from the competition. He has of course requested for a second sample to be tested, but it is incredibly unusual for a second sample to be clear…
At the time of writing this post, his website ( www.alexander-vinokourov.com ) was working, however the news page was unavailable. As far as I can tell, there is a Dutch news snippet regarding the doping allegations on the front page.
Now the entire site is down. My guess is that as it is currently a few minutes past the hour, many news programs will have mentioned his name, so a lot of people will have been visiting his site; perhaps the server could not take the strain?

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