Aug 17 2007

Karra’s Doppelgänger

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PicturesChrisM @ 8:12 pm

Ira sent me a link today to some cute kitten pictures. I’ve included one below, as it really does look a lot like our Karra, when she was young.
Not Karra

Now, we have the real Karra, back in November 2006, practising her best innocent look…
Karra Hiding
She still tries it now, when you discover her climbing a curtain, removing wall paper or being generally mischievous, but we tend to fall for it a little less.
We should be going to see the in-laws over the weekend, and so be able to check in on the new kitten (called mini-Dasha for now 🙂 ). I still haven’t got around to transferring, resizing and uploading the video from earlier on in the week, I’ll try to get it done soon.

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