Jul 14 2007

Karra Has Jealousy Issues With My Keyboard

Category: Dasha&Kittens,PersonalChrisM @ 12:35 am

Every time I spend a little too long with our PC, and Karra does not receive enough attention, be it a stroke, or scratch behind the ear, or a little laser fun, she decides to inform me of my forgetfulness my jumping up on the desk. She then proceeds to head butt my hands until I give up typing, and give her the attention she is apparently over due 🙂
Whilst this is cute most of the time, when she happens to sit on my mouse, or cause me too accidentally delete a paragraph or two, it can be a little frustrating.
Anyway, I probably need to work out some sort of time table – 45 minutes of typing followed by quarter of an hour of attention for the two kittens. Hopefully she will be happy with that sort of ratio…

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