May 16 2009

Kara, Muska, Anna, Gwen & More Tummy Time

Category: Anna's Photos,Dasha&Kittens,PersonalChrisM @ 7:31 pm

Today we saw Kara and Muska properly for the first time in a little over six months. We had seen them via a webcam session in Skype, but that obviously wasn’t the same. Anyway, they looked well (Kara especially, she has put on some weight and now looks healthily non-boney), so a huge thank you to Gulnaz for looking after them so well. I’ll try and remember to take a few shots of them once we move back into the flat.
Anyway, onto the reason for this post – Anna’s published photos are a long way off real time, so I’m hoping to upload at least the majority of them tonight, and space out the actual posts over the next week or two. These photos are of Anna having some more tummy time (considered important now that parents are advised to place babies on their backs always when sleeping, therefore their neck muscles need developing), with Gwen guarding her in the background 🙂 See here and here for the last couple of similar posts with pictures.

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