Aug 04 2007

Just Chillin’

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Well, with what was a complete (but pleasant) shock for us, well me at least, the A/C guys arrived almost on time, and proceeded to fit both the internal and external units today. I think Ira and I are going to take a while to find a temperature and fan setting we can agree on – I prefer to feel cool in a house, Ira likes it snuggly and warm. Anyway, I took a few shots whilst the guys were working, mainly to stop myself from getting too impatient, and secondly, in case they caused any major problem with their scary drills. If there was any argument about the situation before and after they came, I wanted undeniable proof. Anyway, no major problems, and all seems to be working well, apart from there being some dripping onto the external unit’s supporting brackets.

So, here we have the units still boxed, with a mere promise of cool times to come. I still did not believe it would all work out within one day. Cynical? Perhaps, I have just tried to lower my expectations in some areas here in Kazakhstan. Otherwise you get stressed over matters you have no control over…
AC Units Still In Box Astana Kazakhstan August 2008

Here we have the proposed site for the internal unit, we had to move the furniture and relocate the curtain, see the next text for why…
Site For AC Unit Pre_Installation Astana Kazakhstan August 2008

This is a serious drill bit. It took two people to safely lift and lower it…
Scary Drill Bit Astana Kazakhstan August 2008

It was not too hot inside today, still one of the installation guys could not handle wearing anything on top.
Internal Thingy Astana Kazakhstan August 2008

Here we have the external unit being drilled into place outside the bedroom balcony…
Drill Without Falling Astana Kazakhstan August 2008

The end… All units in place, cool air (finally, some twelve months after initial decision to get some AC sorted) flowing through the flat 🙂
Internal Air Conditioning Unit In Place Astana Kazakhstan August 2008

Apologies if this particular post has not enthralled my regular readers to the normal level, I am just so damned chuffed at having it in place and working finally. Even the CPU has dropped a couple of degrees when working under full load!
I am so looking forward to being able to be fully dressed whilst working at the PC. (Before anyone starts projectile vomiting, I’m not talking indecent, just when it hits 32 degrees, sitting on leather gets a little too hot to keep your jeans on, if no one else is around 🙂 ).

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