Jun 05 2012

Jubilee Party In The Park

Category: Anna's Photos,Friends,Personal,Pictures,Tim's PhotosChrisM @ 8:48 am

Once again, this is a quick summary of a few tweets and photos from yesterday. I’ll also add some pictures that Lara and Marina took.
Lara organized the event, with the idea of it also being an alternative to the Queen’s Birthday Party that most of us have been attending every year here in Astana. With John and Inessa now gone from Kazakhstan, our QBP invites have not magically appeared, so Lara decided to have an alternative QBP/Jubilee celebration. We toyed with the idea of renting a yurta out by Metro, but the cost and prohibition on bringing your own food or drink (there is a cafe at the same location) meant that we held it at a park near Highvill, and then moved on to Dan & Lara’s flat afterwards. Lots of delicious food (marmite sandwiches, mini-beefburgers and some Long Island Iced Teas were my personal highlights), and we had various forms of entertainment. The bits I remember were Dan finally playing some Green Day on his guitar (and I think Paul also played on his guitar), some Dombra-playing, and a game of Which Monarch Am I?

OK, I’m publishing this post now, otherwise it will sit as a draft forever. I’ll try to remember to add a few picture titles later.