Dec 01 2010

Journey to the Weekend

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 3:59 am

Today is Con’s birthday, so from everyone here, and back in Clydach I’m sure, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you dude. I thought I’d published the rest of this post already, but it was just sat there in my draft folder, waiting to go live. Sorry for the delay…

Journey To The Weekend By DJ Hydrophonics of Rescued Entertainment

DJ Hydrophonics (our friend Con of Rescued Entertainment in Australia) has released a new mix, his first non-Drum n’ Bass one apparently. Click the big play button below to listen to it.

Hydrophonics- Journey to the Weekend by Rescued Music

If you want to leave a comment click the link to see the mix at the original web site. All criticism (hopefully constructive 🙂 happily received.

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