Jan 19 2008

John’s New Site Is Live

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:43 am

As you may remember, John had a blog hosted over at WordPress.com, however he needed a little more flexibility. Although the new site (www.CeltPhotographic.com) is currently simply a new home for the existing content, John hopes to use the site to primarily promote the actual photos he takes, with the blog posts being available as an ‘extra’ within the site.
As we both received a copy of the book WordPress for Dummies this Xmas, I’m hoping that between the two of us, we’ll be able to sort the site into something he would like. There are a couple of little problems with the theme he has currently chosen, with the Search box only displaying Sea for some reason, and the recent comments text needs sorting as well.

PS He also mentioned on Thursday that he liked the Green Day music I left round there, so now I’m just trying to imagine what a gig would be like with them and Hans Theesink combined ;)

PPS In case you didn’t guess, I’m hoping people will visit his site, and maybe leave comments on any posts/photos they like there.

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