Mar 04 2009

Jimi Wallet Review

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The TyTnII/Kaiser car mount review is still waiting for some text to be entered, but to keep you going, here are my thoughts on the Jimi wallet so far.
To make things clear, this review isn’t paid for. However, after I mentioned a Jimi wallet in a separate review a while back, the owner contacted me, and offered to send one if I was prepared to give some honest thoughts on it.
The model I received was the classic design, without any memory card holders or external money clips (just the standard internal one). The idea of using a money clip has never really entered my head previously, for two reasons. Most of the time, I’m lucky to have more than a couple of notes on me, and I think it may be more of an American thing than British. Anyway, the wallet has a removable money clip, and despite being designed for US dollars (which are wider and shorter) does the job well. Depending on how many notes you are stuffing in, various folds seem to work best. The credit card holder on the other side most comfortably operates with one to three cards in it, though four is possible, if you don’t mind extraction time at a till taking longer. One of the models I received was a ‘clear’ one, which enables my driving license to been seen in the wallet, but I’d expect any official asking for ID to want it removed, so when it comes to choosing a colour, I’d not rate clear as having a specific advantage to the others.
I was highly sceptical about the main hinge on the wallet, combined with the clasp system – convinced one would snap or fail to click into place within a matter of weeks. I’ve been proven wrong… the wallet has been with me pretty much 24/7 since we arrived back in the UK – I didn’t want to be caught without the essentials on me should Ira go into labour early (how wrong could we have been there 🙂 ). The Jimi still closes correctly and clicks shut – no instances of it flying open and spraying the room with its contents.
What else can I mention? The size of the wallet is such that you can dump it in a pocket of most trousers at the front, leading to easier access when driving etc., and a little more reassurance should your stumble home from the pub go through any pick pocketing areas.
I’ll try and find the photos we took of the wallet, but for now head on over to the Jimi wallet site.

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