May 01 2007

Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld

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Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld – Jeremy Clarkson

Despite not having seen the original TV series that this book is based upon, I do tend to like Jeremy’s style of presenting and writing. Aware of his own foibles, he still is very happy to talk about his greatest love, which is motoring. For those of you who have seen him in the Top Gear TV series, this isn’t simply a car review show in paper, it is so much more than that.

He travels around the world, to 12 different countries, and observes the different ways people interact with motor vehicles.
I do so wish he’d do an update on this series, and try and fit in a trip to Kazakhstan. (See my previous articles (You Drinking. Other People Driving , Driving Contd. and a few other shorter posts can all be found within the Kazakh Driving category on this blog) on the Kazakh driving style so prevalent over here.)

Enough shameless plugging of my own posts, back to the review :=>
From the khamic beliefs of some Indian drivers (seatbelts? why, if today is my day to die, it will happen anyway!) to the draconian laws in Switzerland, he takes a very light hearted look at the global relationship with cars. Although the book does now show its age in parts, I still believe it to be a worth read.

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