Aug 12 2007

Japanese Food In Astana

Category: Eating Out,PersonalChrisM @ 2:19 am

Last night Ira and I went out to celebrate our six year anniversary. There is a Japanese restaurant down by where Irina works, and as Ira loves sushi, we decided to go back there again. She had lots of different rolls of raw fish (yum yum…), and I went for a spaghetti bolognese. The pasta dish was a little different to the norm however, as there was no tomato, nor any sauce. To be honest, this was fine with me as I often find that the tomato can overpower the taste of the meat. To follow, I had profiteroles, which were not available last time we went there. Very tasty, though from the state of my stomach this morning, I think 300ml was about 50-100ml too much vodka 🙂
Anyway, good company, good food, who could have asked for anything more?

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