Jul 13 2007

James Blunt Sold His Sister… On E-Bay

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:30 pm

OK, I admit, the title for this post is pretty much link bait, but if it is good enough for the Times, it is good enough for ChrisMerriman.com 🙂
Irina noticed the article, and so I checked out the details. Apparently this story has already done the rounds once, but I did not hear of it when Blunt was promoting his first album.
James (a former British Army officer) explained that following a tragic death, his sister had to get to the Republic of Ireland (Eire) for the funeral. The ferries were not making the crossing at that time of year (the Irish sea can be quite rough in certain seasons), and there was a strike that meant planes were not making the journey either. Mr Blunt posted a plea on e-bay, and someone helped out by letting James’ sister use their helicopter. However, these is a positive ending to this story – the winning bidder is now due to marry Mr Blunt’s sister!

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