Mar 29 2011

It Is Here!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:13 am

It took a long time to arrive (the first cable dispatched never got here), but I finally have a lead that connects my Touch Pro2 to a TV. It may only be once or twice a year that I’ll need it, but on those occasions, this will make my life a lot simpler. There are other versions available, but to get this particular variant, I had to order via Amazon’s American site, as the UK one didn’t stock it. Check out the page (HTC OEM RCA TV Out Cable ACT100 for HTC Phones) and specific reviews there for details about which HTC phones this will actually work with (some reviewers were unhappy that there phone was listed as compatible, but it turned out their device didn’t have TV out capabilities.
If Irina was happy with the idea of using out little 7″ screen in the car, it would be great to use this cable to provide a large screen GPS etc., but I’ve also considered using it for the English talking club I run every other Saturday. It also means you can visit a friend who doesn’t have their PC connected to their TV, and watch a film (that you’ve obviously legitimately backed up from a DVD that you bought).

ACT100 TV Out Cable For HTC Phones