May 26 2007

Irina Is Back In A Few Hours

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 1:05 am

Ira was away this week again in Moscow, for work. They require her to go to the office tomorrow and possibly Sunday as well, which will mean that by this coming Friday she will have worked 19 of the last 21 days, with international travel on four of her nights ‘off’. Luckily, it looks like she won’t be required to go with her boss to Moscow again next week, fingers crossed. Also hoping they won’t need her in the office next weekend, as that would then equate to 21 out of 23 days away from home. 🙁

This is another example of why I want to make sure I earn enough money from my sponsored posts and other online incomes – the idea of being EXPECTED to work those sort of hours, with a vague promise of 1 extra day off, if things are not too busy, puts me off ever wanting to work in an office over here, even more than I disliked the prospect of doing so in an English office. (Kate’s team not withstanding, she was a boss who knew how to get the best out of her workers, and maintained a good office atmosphere. She has recently won a local election to become a Labour councillor, so huge congrats to her, as I couldn’t find any reference to this event elsewhere on this blog).

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