May 14 2007

Ira’s Dad Is Back From China :)

Category: Personal,WeatherChrisM @ 2:54 am

He was away in China on another business trip, but we’ve just heard he has returned safe and sound. We’ll be meeting up with him tomorrow evening to say a quick ‘hi’, and so he can say good bye before Irina leaves for Moscow (see two below this post).
Hopefully, he will have grabbed us a silk duvet over in China, as such items have had glowing reports from him and Ira’s mum. They have the same issues we have, except the genders are reversed… He gets cold without a lot of layers, she doesn’t like being over heated. According to them, the silk duvet seems like a good compromise – everyone ends up the right temperature!

(btw, no this isn’t a bizarre sponsored post to further the global sales of Chinese silk duvets 🙂 )

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