Oct 25 2006

Ira Is In Moscow

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:29 pm

She just called. Well she phoned earlier, but I was 99% asleep still. I’ve recently been looking at getting a small second monitor, to use for system monitoring/WinAmp visuals/Google Desktop sidebar on. We found one in a shop here in Astana recently. Unfortunately it had several large air bubbles on the screen’s surface; not a problem the shop guy claimed, it is merely a protective film you remove once the screen is plugged in at home. That made sense, like the ones you get on mobile phone screens etc. Something didn’t look right though. So, we told the shop asst. that if he removed the film, then and there, and the screen was OK, that we’d buy it on the spot. He tried to remove the ‘film’. He struggled quite a bit, eventually using a safety pin to try and peel off the ‘temporary’ film. Oooops, no it isn’t removable, so if you are in Eurasia shopping centre, here in Astana, don’t go buying a 8″ monitor, as it now has air bubbles and corners scratched off. I might have felt more guilty, if it weren’t for the guy’s assertions that the bubbles weren’t anything to worry about.

Anyway, I digress, Ira has found a nice 10″ monitor in Moscow, and if all goes to plan, I’ll have it in my possession when she returns to Kazakhstan. Not sure when that is yet.

btw, if anyone wonders why the screen is so small (10 inches), it is a compromise; I’d ideally like two 19″ side by side, Irina doesn’t want the living room to be overpowered by screens. So, this little screen is a good compromise.

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