Jul 16 2007

Intel Jumps On Board

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 8:40 pm

The 100 dollar laptop scheme for developing countries now has Intel as a member, despite their previous apparent opposition, and in fact competition, in the guise of the Classmate PC.
Originally the group behind the $100 laptop scheme (One Laptop Per Child) accused Intel of selling their laptop at less than cost, in an effort to squeeze OLPC out of the market.
All that now appears to be water under the bridge, at least in public. Although AMD will continue to supply the CPUs (for now) that power the laptops, both Intel’s expertise and CPUs for the servers behind the system.
One other benefit will be that software written for one laptop should now work on the other, as Intel, AMD & OLPC in general will ensure that no incompatibilities arise between the $100 dollar laptop and the Classmate PC.

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