Aug 27 2007

Inside Track On Airport Security

Category: Amsterdam,PersonalChrisM @ 3:27 am

With my trip to Britain and Amsterdam now less than a month away, I am starting to try and think about the practical things, such as which suitcase to use, having to pack two bathroom bags, one for freshening up and therefore in my hand luggage, another with those deadly plane downing tools such as nail clippers, bottle with more than 200ml in them, and probably dental floss 😉
Anyway, I found an interesting interview with an American person involved in airport security state-side. Although the majority of the conversation is obviously based upon current flight restrictions placed on planes to and from the USA, the responses and general attitude of the guy were useful to know. Check out the article here.
Oh, and it is now approximately 615 hours until I’m on my way to Centraal Station in Amsterdam, and another four or so on top before I meet up with ChrisD and AlexC 🙂

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