Jul 11 2007

In-Laws Meet Alex

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Just noticed I appear to be posting these pictures in reverse order – the earlier posts have the most recent piccies, and this post has photos from towards the beginning of Alex’s stay here. I have deliberately left out quite a few days and subjects, as I want Alex to have them on her blog, especially as most are from her camera!

Alex Irina Chris Astana Kazakhstan

Anyway, that is a shot of the three of us in the back garden, probably just having being fed a lot of nice food, with a little to drink.

Alex Mother In Law Chris Aynak Astana Kazakhstan

Here we have the ferocious guard dog, poised to rip out Alex’s throat, as she is unknown to Aynak. Well, OK, it might look like she is just licking us there, but I am sure she would have been prepared to defend her master’s property at the drop of a hat…

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