Feb 20 2008

Impartial BBC? My Arse…

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 8:17 pm

Sometimes the articles found on the BBC News website shock me. Often with the facts they impart, and the horrors that are occurring everyday in this strange world.
Other times, it is simply the apparent lack of journalistic ability. Often you read an article, and you’d swear all the ‘journalist’ had done was read a press release from a company, and dress it up a little. Lack of investigation before publishing has led to some dubious articles. This is one such example; they appear to have swallowed up Nokia’s guff whole, and gone on to relay the claim that Nokia has launched the first pedestrian navigation system. Never mind that such setups were entirely viable for years now; if a PR person states something, it must be true, right Roll Eyes 4

Then we have the following truly shocking choice of photos for an article on the impending extradition of Abu Hamza.
Abu Hamza BBC crap choice of photos
This even outdoes the American magazines that were caught publishing a ‘blackened’ photo of OJ Simpson a few years back.
Lets be honest, with his eye, hook, attire and usual choice of thuggish company, you don’t have to try hard to create pre-conceptions with a photo of him, before reading an article. Did the BBC really need to use a photo with him lit like that? I’m hoping the original photo looks like that, and it wasn’t a Photoshop session that made him look like that. Anyway, head on over here for more details on the extradition process the nuttah cleric is facing.

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