Jul 02 2007

If You Need Inspiration – Bodge

Category: Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 2:04 am

Or how to go about defeating website spam with SpamAssassin…

StarGazer, the guy behind my favourite plugin (WP Headline Animator), has had an idea on how to minimize blog or other web site spam using the e-mail spam protection system ‘Spam Assassin’.
The principle behind using spamassassin for webpages is quite simple, so don’t be put off by the code example he gives in the post if you are not a coder yourself. I’m not, I just tend to bodge things together until they do something interesting…

For any cynics out there, this post is not sponsored or anything, I just liked his approach to the problem of spam, and the idea of using an e-mail system to check comment spam by passing comments through to SpamAssassin in the guise of an e-mail message.