Nov 29 2009

If You Are Waiting For A Reply, Sorry

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:04 am

I have let my inbox pile up once more, so to friends waiting for a reply, people who have left comments on this blog and are awaiting approval/replies, or to the couple of web directories that have asked for my participation/permission to use my Kazakhstan posts, apologies. I’ll try and get most of them sorted by the end of this coming week. It was quite a surprise to receive the request to use my information on this country, as I normally find that (less reputable) sites simply scrape my content. Even though they usually include a link back to the original post on this site, it is still a lot nicer to be noticed by a real human being, and in this case they want to summarize posts, to avoid any duplicate content penalty from the search engines.
I also hope to get around to posting some of the older videos shot here in Astana and a few from Dubai and Britain soon, as I re-uploaded them to my newer YouTube account (AstanaClydach), and some of this site’s newer visitors won’t have seen them before they were unceremoniously removed by the powers that be over at YouTube. I’ve learnt my lesson, and there’ll be no short clips of BBC shows I like with this new account.

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