May 25 2007


Category: BooksChrisM @ 12:59 am

Idoru – William Gibson

This is a sequel to Virtual Light, which has left me wanting to get a copy of All Tomorrow’s Parties to finish the trilogy.
One of the main concepts in this book is information analysis; taking a large volume of data from multiple sources, and attempting to ascertain facts not contained within that raw data, on a specified subject, be it a human or a corporation…
Rather than returning to deity worship, this novel has the idol as a pop star, who is intertwined with a semi-sentient being, who was created from computers.
Once again, Gibson has several plotlines weaving in and out, though this time the common factors are a little more obvious. That isn’t intended as a jibe at all, simply that the characters are all set on converging paths a little earlier on than in his previous books.
This book is more plot driven than pure hardcore cyber punk, but I still found it very enjoyable.